Masturbation Tips for the Military Life

Men who choose to serve in the military typically find themselves in a crowded living environment – not the ideal situation when the masturbation urge comes to call. Trying to satisfy that insistently erect penis in a room with a couple of dozen (or more) other men can be a daunting task. However, since proper penis care suggests that a fair amount of sexual activity is necessary to keep the equipment in good working order, it’s logical to assume that many enlisted men will need to find some way to self-satisfy during their time in the service.

It’s normal.

Although it may not be something that’s talked about during recruiting sessions, the desire to masturbate is as strong among man in the services as it is among civilian men – and in some cases, it could be even stronger.

Why stronger? Many men exercise their enjoyment of masturbation more when they are feeling tense or stressed, and that is certainly something that a man may feel while serving – and especially when serving in a dangerous situation. In addition, the physical training that men go through in the military tends to boost testosterone levels. Raised testosterone levels in turn impact a man’s sex drive. If a man is in a position to indulge that drive through partner-based activity, that’s great. But if he’s not, the pleasures of his own hand become even more enticing.

What to do

Exactly what is “typical” for men in the military who want to masturbate can vary significantly from one camp or quarters to another. The best thing for a new recruit to do is to try to contain himself until he gets the lay of the land in his bunkhouse. If he establishes a good relationship with another serviceman, he may come out and simply ask, “What does a guy do when he wants to masturbate here?” Otherwise, it’s a good idea to observe.

In some cases, men may be fairly open about masturbation. It would be fairly unusual for a quarters to have a situation where the men lie around on their bunks and masturbate openly at any time of the day or night. However, in many situations it’s not uncommon for men to begin surreptitiously masturbating after lights out.


Disposing of ejaculate in such situations can be tricky. It’s both unsanitary and disrespectful to release a load directly upon the floor or to leave used tissues or socks on the floor. Many military men place their “clean-ups” underneath their pillow and dispose of or remove them in the morning. Some men prefer to ejaculate into their underwear. Some men also dispose of their seed by consuming it themselves.

Other options

Masturbating in the latrine does afford a man more privacy; however, lengthy sessions can cause inconvenience for others waiting to use the restroom. Self-gratification in the shower is an option, but is risky in a communal situation; again, in some barracks, this may be acceptable, but it’s something a guy needs to be confident about before attempting it.

In some places, men may set up a “jack shack” – a small shed which is designated specifically for masturbatory purposes. While a man may feel somewhat self-conscious about using it, this can be a viable way to achieve privacy for an extended self-pleasuring session.

It’s important to remember that, no matter how engorged one’s member, a man should avoid masturbation while on duty. Although spending hours on, say, guard duty can be unutterably boring, a man needs to keep his attention focused on his job, not on his member.

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