Can Hip Supports Help Your Chronic Pain?

Hip Supports, often referred to as Hip Protectors or Hip Pads offer the same benefits for the hip as supports for knees, wrists and ankles but with less showmanship. Hip protectors are often perceived for the frail and elderly given they’ve been clinically shown to protect against injury from falls.

The reality is that the young and middle-aged also suffer from chronic hip pain. Hip pain due to osteoarthritis, bursitis or injury can strike at any age but many younger sufferers aren’t aware that supports can help their chronic pain.

Here are some Myths and Facts to determine if a hip support is right for you!

Myth – Hip products are “for grandma” not me

The latest hip supports are not your grandma’s traditional brace.The advanced technology used in many new medical undergarments does more than simply pad the hip to prevent a senior from injury. The materials, construction and design have all come a long way to improving functionality, look and feel.

Companies are recognizing the huge market for senior health and wellness products and trying to change the stigma and perception of certain consumer goods. The latest incontinence commercials are great examples of companies re-positioning their products “for everyone” and “just a different type of underwear.” Anyone can suffer hip pain and new products are a great way of changing the typical profile.

Fact – Supports can reduce inflammation in the hip

High performance athletes recovering from injury and younger people with osteoarthritis use Far Infrared Ray (FIR) for their hips. The FIR minerals woven into the fabric are locally absorbed into the deep tissue, activating water molecules in the blood, increasing the blood flow and oxygen in the bloodstream. This has been shown to decrease inflammation in the hip joint and reduce pain. Wearing supports at night when pain is worse can be a great natural complement to therapy and medication.

Myth – Bulky and uncomfortable undergarments

Today’s hip supports are form-fitted, discreet and extremely comfortable. Look for supports made with Bamboo. The wearable benefits of Bamboo are unsurpassed. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, bacteriostatic and deodorizing so supports made with this fabric will not stink and can be washed easily. This natural fabric feels great and breathes like nothing else.

Fact – Your balance and mobility will improve

Over time, routine movements strain the hip causing inflammation in the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the hip joint. This causes pain and stiffness. Hip supports reinforce the hip joint and the compression around your core actually improves balance. Individuals boast of more mobility when gardening, walking and even activities like golf become more comfortable.