Foods That Relieve Your Arthritis Pain

Of the about 200 types of arthritis, the two predominant ones are Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis. If one follows a wholesome dietary regimen that has plenty of vegetables, wholegrain cereals and fruits, it bolsters the body’s disease resistance capability and assists an arthritic to grapple with the affliction.

Part of the dietary regimen that can be used to ease an arthritic’s aches includes:-


This fruit is one of the top sources of a mineral called boron that has genuine skeleton tissue construction capabilities and is at the core of an osteoarthritis deterrence therapy.

Cherry Juice

Cherry juice has compounds called anthocyanins that give the bright red color to cherries and are also thought to assist the body in soothing tenderness caused by arthritis.


This fruit has manganese and bromelain; manganese is a primary trace mineral vital for skeleton tissue cartilage formation while bromelain is a good source of catalysts found in the stem with wholesome uses for assuaging soreness of the joints.


These have phenols like anthocynins and ellagitannins that are great antioxidants and anti inflammatory and also abate joint decline and rheumatoid arthritis.


This vegetable has beta-carotene which assuages soreness caused by arthritis and rheumatism.


It has phytochemicals eugenol and geraniol which have anti-inflammatory compounds that assist with pain and stiff joints.


This herb has shogaol and zingerone which have anti soreness abilities that can assuage arthritic rheumatism.

Processed foods

Do away with processed and partially derived foods like white flour and white sugar. Take them away from your diet.

Fruits and Vegetables

Consume a diet composed primarily of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts, seed, lean meat and fish.

Meat and dairy products

Withdraw milk and milk products from your diet and figure out if that helps. Try getting rid of meat, especially red meat.

“Aminoalkanoic acid”

Eat up foods having the “aminoalkanoic acid histidine”, some of which are: brown rice, wheat and rye.


Get a good deal of sunshine. Sunlight helps the synthesis of vitamin D, which is required for good bone formation.


If you are obese, shed off some weight. Obesity increases arthritis.


Participating in regular exercise is one of the best decisions for wholesome living and will contribute greatly to your well being. Water aerobics is a great physical therapy for those with arthritis.


Eating these foods and following these easy to follow home remedies can save you from this Arthritis pain.