Post Marijuana Depersonalization Syndrome (PMDS)

There is a pattern of symptoms which often follow the use of marijuana (smoking and edibles). This pattern may occur even years after the use of this substance without any repercussions. What generally occurs is a strong sensation of feeling unreal, detached, disoriented, foggy or disconnected. Many state they experience the prolonged sensation of feeling high, as if the marijuana remained in their system or caused damage within. This produces intense worry, fear, lack of sleep and loss of appetite. Concentration levels drop as does the ability to work, socialize, study or simply enjoy life.

We call this the Post Marijuana Depersonalization Syndrome (PMDS) and it is not an unusual occurrence. There is a typical personality type that experiences this reaction and it helps to know if one falls into this category. This is the individual who is basically:

– Highly intelligent

– Analytical

– Over-achiever

– Creative

– Perfectionist

– Most of all, this individual is Highly Reactive to outside stimuli, as exhibited in the following:

– Adverse reactions when taking prescription medications which often overrides the benefits of the medication.

– Intense reaction to caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or recreational drugs.

– Experiences discomfort in rising outdoor temperatures, with irritability, anxiety and tension.

This is also an individual who avoids the discomfort of confrontation and often represses strong emotions such as:




Instead of acknowledging and working out emotional distress, the individual represses emotions, which result in the manifestation of intrusive physical and emotional symptoms such as:

Feelings of Unreality


Brain Fog




Inability to Concentrate

Visual Disturbances

Headaches and Body Aches

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Loss of Appetite


Gastrointestinal Distress

These sensations are only exacerbated by the use of medication since the individual is highly reactive to outside stimuli and medication is high on this list.

Naturally, the remedy for Post Marijuana Depersonalization Syndrome (PMDS) is to completely avoid triggers such as:


Recreational Substances that alter one’s mental state




Excess of Sugar

It is also essential to learn how to interrupt symptoms and make the proper corrections, allowing a fatigued mind to refresh. This entails:

Learning how to make the proper Behavioral Corrections (Thought Modification) allowing a fatigued mind to refresh.

Using a highly specific Nutrition Plan to create a less reactive mind and body, resulting in balanced blood sugar levels and naturally boosting Serotonin levels in the brain.

The combination of Thought Modification along with Nutritional Corrections allow an exhausted mind and body to rejuvenate, allowing full clarity to permanently return.